Servoxy & Lightning X Premier Emergency Kits & Trauma Bags

Servoxy & Lightning X: Top Emergency Kits and Trauma Bags in Canada

Comprehensive Range for Every Emergency Need

For those in the EMS sector or individuals who understand the need to be prepared, Servoxy and Lightning X Products are the gold standard. We deliver from simple first aid solutions to the most detailed emergency medical trauma bags.

LXMD50-SKD: Oxygen Trauma Medic Bag with Fill Kit D

The Lightning X Premium MB50 Medical Trauma Bag is an expansive and versatile emergency response kit, ideal for EMS agencies and rescue squads. Measuring 28″x13″x 12″, it's specifically designed to accommodate a “D” sized oxygen cylinder, alongside a comprehensive range of oxygen delivery devices. The bag features multiple compartments for efficient organization of essential medical supplies, including spaces for cervical collars, splints, intubation equipment, and bag-valve masks.

The deluxe kit contained within includes a variety of critical medical tools and supplies such as tweezers, hemostats, shears, bandages, gauze pads, self-adherent bandages, ABD pads, cloth tape, iodine and alcohol wipes, ointments, cold packs, eye care essentials, a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, barrier mask, oxygen administration equipment, a variety of splints, trauma dressings, and more. The kit is designed for quick customization and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Lightning X Products.

LXFAK1-FY: Compact First Aid for Everyday Emergencies

104-Piece First Aid Kit with Waterproof DRY Bag: Essential for schools, sports, outdoor adventures, and travel. Comprehensive first aid and survival supplies packed in a high-visibility fluorescent yellow DRY bag that floats! Features adjustable shoulder strap, tamper-evident zippers, and reflective "FIRST AID KIT" print. Compact yet loaded, measuring 8"x7"x4", ensuring preparedness in emergencies. Ideal for ensuring safety and peace of mind.

The LXFAK1-FY isn't just any basic kit. With 104 crucial items packed into its compact design, it's an essential addition to any vehicle's glove compartment.

Custom Kits Tailored for Every Emergency Scenario

Emergency situations are varied, and so are our solutions. Choose from five distinct fill kits, each tailored from insights gathered from seasoned EMS professionals and our valued customers' feedback. Whether you need basic first aid or tools for advanced life support paramedics, we've got a curated kit for you. Each set can either complement a Lightning X medical bag or stand strong on its own. And behind every kit is our experienced team, including many who've been on the front lines as first responders.

LXMB20: The Bestselling EMT Bag with Comprehensive Supplies

Multiple emergency medical kits in various colors, displaying organized compartments filled with essential medical supplies like bandages and scissors, suited for immediate response in various medical emergencies.

 Recognized as a top-tier choice, our LXMB20 Small EMT Bag combined with the LXSMK-B Standard Fill Kit stands out in the EMS community. This all-in-one solution includes:

  • Essential Tools: Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, Trauma Sheers, and more.

  • Medical Supplies: Everything from Ammonia Ampules and Band-Aids to Iodine Wipes and Instant Cold Packs.

  • Must-Have Equipment: The kit rounds off with vital tools like the Adult Blood Pressure Cuff, Sprague Stethoscope, and CPR Mask.

Why Choose Servoxy? Being one of Canada's top providers of trauma bags and emergency supplies, our commitment to quality is unwavering. When emergencies strike, professionals trust Servoxy and Lightning X to have their back.

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