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PURELL 5770-D1 TFX Dispenser & Refill


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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Kit with 1200 mL Refill

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer is the #1 Brand in Hospitals, trusted and safely used by healthcare workers and parents for over 20 years. The proprietary formulation includes a 70% ethyl alcohol active ingredient and multiple skin conditioners to help protect skin from dryness. Due to its optimized blend of ingredients, Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer can be used up to one hundred times daily without harming skin. This makes it the right choice for any environment: especially large scale public settings such as hospitals, office buildings, schools – even malls and arenas. Based on more than 50 years of research and development leadership, touch-free TFX. Systems help to break the cycle of germ transmission. Employees and patrons will appreciate you providing a safe and healthy germ-free environment – especially in public spaces.


Purell Floor Stand sold separately.

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