Workplace, Type 3  Large, (51-100 Workers) Trauma kit - SERVOXY INC

Workplace, Type 3 Large, (51-100 Workers) Trauma kit

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This Workplace, Type 3 Trauma Kit is fully equipped and ready to handle any medical emergencies at a work environment of 51-100 employees.
  • Designed to meet CSA Z1220-17's requirements for a Type 3, Large (51-100 Workers) First Aid Kit, the MB25 gear bag is designed to be portable. It has a reinforced handle and adjustable, padded shoulder strap, making it a convenient choice for a variety of locations, including schools, workplaces, and outdoor events. The LXMB25 Medium EMT Jump Bag has an 18” x 9” x 12” size and meets the CSA Standard's criteria for kit contents, selection, container & marking, and maintenance.

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