Finger pulse oximeter with LED display SpO2 Monitor

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High-Precision Finger Pulse Oximeter with Advanced LED Display

Monitor blood oxygen levels with pinpoint accuracy using our Finger Pulse Oximeter. Designed for both medical professionals and health enthusiasts, this device is a must-have for reliable SpO2 and pulse rate readings.

Key Features:

  • Advanced LED Display: Experience clarity with our LED display, equipped with six versatile modes. Adjust brightness levels from 1-10 to suit your preference and ensure optimal visibility.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Accurately measure vital metrics like SpO2, PR, pulse bar, and waveform in real-time. Ideal for ensuring optimal oxygen saturation, which typically ranges from 96% to 99% in healthy individuals.

  • Energy Efficient: Features a battery-low indicator to alert users. Plus, with automatic power-off functionality, conserve battery life effortlessly. Built-in circuit protection ensures long-lasting performance.

  • Universal Suitability: Crafted to cater to both pediatrics and adults. Its non-invasive design makes it perfect for at-home usage or on-the-move measurements.

  • Durable & Accurate: Benefit from high-grade construction geared for extended use. Trust in its high accuracy to deliver consistent results every time.

Package Includes:

  • Pulse Oximeter unit
  • 2 AAA batteries for uninterrupted operation
  • Comfortable lanyard for easy portability
  • Detailed instruction manual for user guidance

Stay informed about your health or those under your care with our top-tier, portable blood oxygen meter. A vital tool for prompt and precise oxygen saturation and pulse readings.

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