portable medical oxygen tank encased in a protective blue carry case, with an accompanying face mask and clear tubing

Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit plus Hard Case


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Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit with Hard Case:

Key Features & Specifications,

  • Type: D Cylinder, hydrostatic tested and stamped for utmost quality assurance.
  • Durability: Comes with a 5-year guarantee.
  • Regulator: Equipped with a pressure gauge ranging from 0-15L.
  • Variety of Masks: Includes a non-rebreather mask, 40% mask, child-friendly mask, and a CPR mask.
  • Protective Case: Robust blue hard case to ensure safety and portability.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 21.00 cm
    • Width: 17.00 cm
    • Height: 60.90 cm
  • Weight: 6.30 kg
  • Shipping Details: Sent empty and ready to fill. For pre-filled oxygen shipment, contact our customer service for additional charges.

Optimize your emergency preparedness with our comprehensive oxygen kit. Safety, reliability, and convenience in one package.


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