Dentist Complete Oxygen Kit

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Dentist Complete Oxygen Kit

Our comprehensive Oxygen Kit is designed to meet all your dental office's emergency oxygen needs. This kit includes:

  • 1 Type E Oxygen Cylinder: Comes with a toggle and pre-filled with 680L of oxygen for immediate use.
  • 1 Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter: For quick and accurate oxygen saturation and pulse readings.
  • 1 Transport Trolley: Specifically designed for easy mobility of "D" or "E" oxygen cylinders.
  • 1 Oxygen Regulator (0-15 LPM): Allows precise control of oxygen flow to suit various needs.
  • Oxygen Masks:
    • 1 Adult O2 Mask (100%): Ensures high oxygen concentration delivery for adults.
    • 1 Pediatric O2 Mask (100%): Provides optimal oxygen delivery for children.
  • 1 CPR Pocket Mask

Special Note: The price includes transportation costs for hazardous materials, ensuring no extra charges for the safe delivery of this essential equipment.

Equip your dental practice with our all-inclusive Dentist Complete Oxygen Kit for an immediate response to any oxygen therapy needs.

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