Servoxy Inc.: 20+ Years of Emergency Oxygen Excellence in Canada

Breathing Life into Care: Celebrating Over 20 Years of Emergency Oxygen Services with Servoxy Inc. in Canada

Servoxy Inc. has been a cornerstone in providing emergency oxygen services across Canada, with a notable presence in Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto for over two decades. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their comprehensive selection of oxygen therapy kits and supplies, catering to an array of medical conditions that necessitate supplemental oxygen.

Oxygen therapy kits and supplies

The company boasts a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License (#2166), underscoring its compliance with stringent regulatory standards for the distribution and sale of medical devices within Canada. This license is a testament to Servoxy's dedication to quality and safety in their operations.

shows seroxy inc health Canada medical device establishment license number2166


At the heart of Servoxy's product line are portable oxygen tanks and centralized oxygen supplies, designed to meet the needs of both home care and medical facilities. Their oxygen delivery devices range from oxygen masks for high-concentration delivery to nasal cannulas for direct nostril supply, alongside Venturi masks for precise oxygen concentration control and oxygen concentrators that provide a continuous supply by extracting oxygen from ambient air.

To ensure comfort during oxygen therapy, Servoxy also offers humidification systems to prevent the drying out of airways, as well as a variety of tubing and pressure regulators to maintain a safe and controlled oxygen supply. Reservoir bags are also available for masks that require a higher oxygen concentration.

Recognizing the critical nature of oxygen in emergency scenarios, Servoxy's kits may include resuscitation bags and face shields, among other life-saving equipment. Additionally, accessories like oxygen wrenches, carrying cases, and protective coverings are part of the extensive inventory to enhance the functionality and portability of their offerings.

shows oxygen regulator on top of green oxygen cylinder and a green oxygen wrench.

Servoxy Emergency Oxygen's diverse customer base includes healthcare distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, first aid trainers, and industrial clients, reflecting their versatility and capacity to cater to a wide range of oxygen therapy needs.

Oxygen therapy is a vital medical intervention, and Servoxy ensures that their products are not only of the highest quality but also accompanied by proper training and support for healthcare professionals to guarantee patient safety and effective treatment outcomes.

With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to serving the national market, Servoxy's legacy in emergency oxygen services continues to thrive, contributing significantly to healthcare and emergency response in Canada.

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