A dynamic scene of firefighters in protective gear using hoses to combat a large fire in an urban setting, with intense orange and red flames and thick smoke against a cityscape background.

The Petition in Support of Bill C-310 in Canada is a concerted effort to bring about changes to the Income Tax Act, specifically in the areas of volunteer firefighting and search and rescue services. The key aspects of this petition are:

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  1. Objective of the Petition: The petition seeks to increase the tax credits for volunteer firefighting and search and rescue volunteer services. The proposed amendment to the Income Tax Act, through Bill C-310, aims to raise the amount of tax credit from $3,000 to $10,000​.

  2. Two Forms of the Petition: The Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, who are spearheading this initiative, are circulating two forms of the petition: an electronic version and a paper version. Importantly, individuals are allowed to sign both forms of the petition​.

  3. Background and Need for the Petition: A significant portion of firefighters in Canada, about 71% or more than 90,000, are part-time. This petition highlights the challenges faced by these essential workers, such as low pay, which affects the attraction and retention of individuals in these vital roles. The petition emphasizes the passion and commitment of these workers in serving their communities despite these challenges​.

  4. Legal Framework: The petition specifically calls for amendments to subsections 118.06 (2) and 118.07 (2) of the Income Tax Act. These amendments are crucial to realizing the proposed increase in tax credits for the volunteers involved in firefighting and search and rescue operations​.

This initiative underscores the importance of supporting volunteer firefighters and search and rescue personnel in Canada, recognizing their critical role in community safety and the need for adequate financial recognition of their contributions.