Defibrillators and Accessories

Defibrillators and AccessoriesĀ 

In the absence of a first responder or ambulance technician, any person may use the automated external defibrillator when performing cardio-respiratory resuscitation.

Up to 40,000 cardiac arrests occur each year in Canada. Thatā€™s one cardiac arrest every 12 minutes. Without rapid and appropriate treatment, most of these cardiac arrests will result in death. Thousands of lives could be saved through public access to automated external defibrillators.

When an AED and CPR are immediately available, the chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest is substantially improved.1 Combined with CPR, the use of an AED may increase the likelihood of survival by 75% or more.

Legislation in provinces across Canada protects individuals who use AEDs from liability when they are used in the context of saving a life.

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