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ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator with Fast Response Kit 


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ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator with Fast Response Kit 

When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, a victim’s best chance for survival is immediate CPR and a rescuer with an automated external defibrillator (AED). The ZOLL AED 3® defibrillator leads the way with Real CPR Help®technology that provides real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR.

The ZOLL AED 3 defibrillator provides:

  • Costs significantly less than almost any other AED to maintain.
  • Enhanced Real CPR Help, featuring a full-color display with vivid rescue images, CPR cycle timer, and a large color bar gauge that shows CPR compression depth.
  • Rapid Shock Analysis enables the industry’s shortest rhythm analysis for more continuous life-saving CPR.
  • CPR Uni-padz electrodes can be used on both adult and pediatric patients, so there is no need for two separate sets of pads.
  • Cloud connectivity that can automatically report AED readiness.
  • 5-year shelf life for pads and batteries increases readiness and decreases cost.
  • Available in French or English 
  • CPR Uni-padz
  • Universal electrodes (child and adult)
  • Zoll AED 3 battery.
  • Servoxy Inc Fast Response Kit 
  • Servoxy Inc First Aid Kit
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