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Compact Medic First Responder EMS/EMT Trauma Bag

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LXMB10 - Compact First Responder Bag


The LXMB10 is our most compact and value-minded first responder bag, designed for efficiency and reliability in the field. It offers a streamlined fit while maintaining the capacity to carry a standard fill kit, ensuring you're always prepared.


  • Size: 14″ (Length) x 9″ (Width) x 7″ (Height)
  • Compact Design: Designed to be spacious yet compact for easy handling and transport.


  • Customizable Interior: The main compartment features adjustable foam dividers for personalized organization of your supplies.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with yellow & silver triple trim reflective tape on the sides and back, plus an ID card holder for quick identification.
  • Durability: Double layer construction, reinforced stitching, and padded main hold for enhanced protection of contents.
  • Ease of Use: All compartments are zippered to keep items secure, complemented by webbing carry straps with a hook and loop strap grabber.
  • Special Features: Includes embroidered star of life, lined compartments, and offers a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Why Choose LXMB10?

Our LXMB10 stands out from similar bags with its all-zippered compartments for secure storage, customizable interior, and robust construction. Its design ensures that everything stays in place until needed, offering unparalleled reliability and convenience on the scene.

Filling Your Bag:

While you can add your own supplies, we offer pre-stocked variations of the LXMB10 to save you time and money. Avoid the high costs of local drug stores and choose our ready-to-use options for immediate deployment.

Get Yours Today:

Experience the difference with the LXMB10 trauma bag. Its compact design, customizable interior, and durable construction make it the ideal choice for first responders who demand the best. Buy with confidence and stay prepared for any situation.

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