Assorted medical supplies from the Lightning X 'H Kit' displayed on a white background, including QuickClot sponges, a CPR face shield, burn dressing gel, black nitrile gloves, a green R.A.T.S. tourniquet, rolled gauze, trauma shears, chest seals, alcohol swabs, iodine wipes, and various bandages and dressings.

Tactical IFAK Fill Kit LXSMK-H


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Lightning X Medical Fill Kit - "H Kit"

Assembled with Dedication and Expertise Every Lightning X medical fill kit is meticulously assembled in-house by our team, comprised of dedicated staff, including many current and former first responders. We take pride in ensuring each kit is packed with care and precision, ready to serve in critical moments.

Kit Contents:

The H kit is thoughtfully compiled to include essential medical supplies for a variety of emergency situations. Each item is chosen for its quality and effectiveness.

  1. QuickClot 1st Response 25g - Fast-acting clotting agent for severe bleeding.
  2. 5″x 9″ ABD Pad - Highly absorbent pad for wound dressing.
  3. 3″x 3″ Gauze Pad - (2 packs of 2 pads) - For covering and protecting wounds.
  4. QuickClot 4″x 4″ Hemostat Gauze - Specialized gauze to control bleeding.
  5. 2″x 4.5yd Rolled Gauze - Versatile for securing dressings and splints.
  6. 7.5″ Trauma Shears - Strong and durable for cutting clothing or bandages.
  7. CPR Face Shield - For safe and effective CPR administration.
  8. Gen II R.A.T.S. Tourniquet - Rapid application tourniquet system for severe limb bleeding.
  9. 4″ x 4″ Burn Dressing - To treat burn injuries.
  10. Israeli Pressure Bandage (4″) - For stabilizing and compressing wounds.
  11. Black Nitrile Gloves (2 pairs) - Durable and protective for safe handling.
  12. Alcohol Swabs (4) - For sterilization and cleaning.
  13. Iodine Wipes (4) - Antiseptic for wound cleaning.
  14. 2″ Black Self-Adherent Bandage - Easily wraps wounds without clips or tape.
  15. NAR Hyfin Chest Seal - For treating chest trauma.
  16. Z-Folded Compressed Gauze - Compact and effective for wound packing.
  17. Nasal Airway 28FR - For securing airway in breathing emergencies.

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