Anti-Microbe M Hand Sanitizer (550ml)

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Anti-Microbe 550ml Hand Sanitizer: Alcohol-Free & Made in Canada

Experience the next-level hand hygiene with the Anti-Microbe 550ml Tabletop Hand Sanitizer by Atomes Bio Inc. Crafted meticulously in Canada, this potent sanitizer promises to ward off 99.99% of harmful pathogens, ensuring your hands aren't just clean but thoroughly protected.

Key Features:

  • Alcohol-Free Formulation: Unlike the traditional hand sanitizers, Anti-Microbe's unique formula is devoid of alcohol, preventing dryness and ensuring skin remains soft and moisturized.

  • Rapid Antisepsis: Offering swift action, it requires 50-60% less solution during application compared to mainstream alcohol-based counterparts.

  • Hypoallergenic & Fragrance-Free: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, without leaving any lingering scent.

  • Extended Protection: While most sanitizers evaporate in seconds, Anti-Microbe ensures residual protection, guarding your hands for approximately 10 minutes post-application.

  • Active Ingredient - 0.15% Benzalkonium chloride: A potent agent known for its unmatched disinfectant properties, even effective against the challenging C. Difficile bacteria.

Additional Benefits:

  • Fabric-friendly: Won't damage your clothing on accidental spills.
  • Gentle on nail polish: Designed with women in mind, ensuring fingernails remain pristine.
  • Shelf Life: An impressive 3 years, ensuring longevity and reduced wastage.
  • Non-Flammable: Safety first with Anti-Microbe.
  • Neutral Ph (Ph 7): Perfectly balanced for skin application.

Proudly holding the DIN# 02502178, this 550ml tabletop variant is an embodiment of quality meeting safety standards. Whether it's for homes, offices, or public areas, Anti-Microbe is the hand sanitizer solution you've been seeking.

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