Basic Hemorrhage Control Refill Pack for First Aid Kit

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Basic Hemorrhage Control Refill Pack for First Aid Kits

Replenishing your first aid or responder kit doesn't have to be a chore or a hit to your wallet. Say goodbye to the days of having to purchase entire boxes or case lots of each bandage type, only to see most go unused and expire. Introducing our innovative and cost-effective solution: MED PODS. Our MED PODS are designed with your convenience and needs in mind, offering an assortment of the most crucial medical supplies, all in one re-sealable bag. Perfect for restocking your EMT bag, first aid kit, IFAK, or trauma kit without any hassle or unnecessary expense.

What's Included in the Basic Pack:

  • Israeli Emergency Pressure Bandage: A staple in emergency hemorrhage control, providing effective pressure and support.
  • Dynastopper Pressure Dressing: For comprehensive wound management and bleeding control.
  • Compressed Krinkle Gauze: Flexible and absorbent, perfect for packing wounds and promoting clotting.
  • (2) 4"x4" Hemostatic Gauze Blood Stop Dressings: Specifically designed to rapidly accelerate your body's natural clotting process, stopping bleeding more efficiently.

Each component of our Basic Hemorrhage Control Refill Pack has been carefully selected to offer the best in emergency care. The items are packed together in a convenient, re-sealable bag, making it easy to keep your kit organized and ready for when you need it the most.

Upgrade your first aid capabilities today with our MED POD Basic Hemorrhage Control refill kit. Ensure you're prepared for any situation with high-quality, reliable medical supplies at your fingertips.

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