Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes BZK Case Pack 1000 Wipes

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Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% case pack 1000 wipes.

Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes are ideal for keeping in home or clinic first aid kits, providing an easy-to-use antiseptic option for minor wounds such as small cuts, abrasions, or insect bites. These wipes have been designed to effectively clean the skin without causing any irritation or pain. BZK Wipes help to reduce the risk of infection by effectively cleaning and disinfecting minor trauma.

  • Case pack 1000 wipes.
  • 10 X Box of 100 wipes.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Clean sensitive skin areas without stinging.

100 Wipes/Box. Each wipe has dimension 12.7 cm x 17.78 cm. Active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride (0.13% concentration). Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes.


Tear packet open. Unfold and use; Discard wipes after single use. Do not re-use. To clean your hands, wet hands thoroughly with product. Then allow them to dry without wiping.

Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% case pack 1000 wipes.

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