Bio med solution, 7 oz. / 210 ml

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  • Bio Med Solution, Full Bottle, 7 oz./210 ml  is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH-correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water
  • Emergency first aid eye wash and irrigation
  • Washes dirt and other contaminants from cuts and lacerations
  • All-natural, bio-compatible hydrotherapy product replaces distilled, saline and tap water for most applications
  • Helps remove irritating chemicals from eyes and skin
  • Three-year shelf life
  • The application is helpful in removing particulate matter and crusted exudates from cuts and abrasions, and in removing irritating chemicals from skin and eyes
Bottle Capacity 210 ml/7 oz.
Contents Full

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