Carcinogen Resistant Dry Turnout Bag

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the LXFB99: The First Gear Bag Designed for Firefighter Safety

Carcinogen Resistant Dry Turnout Bag

Protection Against Contaminants

  • Advanced Material: Constructed with water and air-tight TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) fabric, the LXFB99 gear bag is specifically designed to protect firefighters from prolonged exposure to carcinogens and off-gassing from contaminated turnout gear.
  • Seal of Safety: Featuring self-healing, water-resistant zippers and heat welded seams, the bag ensures no stitches penetrate through, similar to the moisture barrier on turnout gear. This design keeps air or particulates securely inside.

Ease of Cleaning

  • Waterproof Fabric: The bag’s material allows for easy cleaning. Both the interior and exterior can be washed with a hose, removing any lingering contaminants after the gear is taken out for washing.

Spacious and Organized

  • Main Compartment: Spacious enough to hold a full set of turnout gear, including coats, pants, and boots.
  • Specialized Compartments:
    • Left-Side: Designed to fit a full-sized, traditional fire helmet with eagle and shield.
    • Right-Side: Accommodates an SCBA mask, jumpsuit, wildland gear, or a change of clothes.
    • Front Pocket: Ideal for personal effects such as keys or a wallet.

Visibility and Durability

  • Reflective Features: Equipped with silver reflective tape on straps, handle, and shoulder carry strap for high visibility and safety.
  • Iconic Design: The front showcases a screen-printed silver “FIRE DEPT” Maltese cross logo.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Lightning X Products.

Note on Waterproofing

  • While the TPU fabric is air and water-tight, the zippers are water-resistant, not waterproof. This design focuses on containing hazardous materials within the bag rather than keeping water out. The bag should be stored like any other turnout gear bag and not submerged or left in the elements.

Commitment to Safety The LXFB99 represents a significant step in firefighter safety, keeping hazardous materials contained and reducing the risk of prolonged exposure to harmful substances.

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