FMX-12 Dispenser, Push, 1200 ml Cap

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All You Need to Know About the FMX-12 Dispenser

  • This unit is designed to accommodate a 1200 ml refill. It features a push style dispenser that has a viewing window for effortless upkeep. Perfectly suited for spaces requiring a more conventional, compact dispenser. It is compatible with the FMX-12™ Green Certified Advanced Moisturizing Hand Rub, offering 1.2 L cartridge refills with an alcohol content of 70%. Specifications include a push style dispenser method and a 1200 ml capacity.

Introducing the FMX-12 Dispenser, a one-of-a-kind sanitizer dispenser designed to meet all your hand hygiene needs. This high-capacity, 1200 ml push dispenser is specially designed for healthcare settings and other high-traffic areas.

But what sets the FMX-12 Dispenser apart is not just its extensive capacity, but also its easy-to-use push design. This design ensures that everyone can efficiently sanitize their hands without any hassle. Additionally, the FMX-12 Dispenser is also incredibly durable, ensuring that it maintains its performance over a long period, contributing to a healthier environment.

What's more, the keen engineering behind the FMX-12 Dispenser translates to a cost-effective solution for your hand hygiene needs. Because of its large capacity, the need for constant refilling is significantly reduced. When it comes to ensuring excellent hand hygiene, the FMX-12 Dispenser is without a doubt an essential device in every healthcare setup.

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