Premium Trauma & Bleeding Medic EMS/EMT Stocked Fill Kit W

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 Premium Trauma & Bleeding Medic EMS/EMT Stocked Fill Kit W


  • NAR Hyfin Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack Compact: Essential for managing open chest injuries.
  • NAR C-A-T Tourniquet Gen 7: Reliable tourniquet for hemorrhage control.
  • Black Nitrile Tactical Gloves (2 pairs): Durable and protective for safe handling.
  • Israeli Military Pressure Bandage 4″: Effective for major wound management.
  • Compressed Krinkle Gauze: Versatile for wound packing and dressing.
  • 4″ x 4″ Burn Dressing: Specialized dressing for burn care.
  • 5″ x 9″ ABD Pad: Absorbent pad for abdominal injuries.
  • Nasal Airway 28FR: Essential for maintaining airway patency.
  • QC Comb Gauze Z-Folded LE 3″ x 4yd: Quick clotting gauze for severe bleeding.
  • 7.5″ Emergency Trauma Shears: Robust and reliable for cutting clothing or dressings.
  • Emergency Survival Foil Blanket: Compact and effective for managing hypothermia.
  • 2″ Woven Elastic Bandage w/ Clips: Flexible support for sprains and strains.
  • 2″ Tactical Black Self-Adherent Gauze: Easy-to-use, stick-to-itself gauze.
  • 2″ Conforming Stretch Roll Gauze: Gentle and flexible for securing dressings.
  • 3″ Conforming Stretch Roll Gauze: Larger roll for more substantial wrapping.
  • 4″ Conforming Stretch Roll Gauze: Wide gauze for covering larger areas.

This comprehensive kit is meticulously assembled to provide first responders with the high-quality tools necessary for managing a wide range of medical emergencies.

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