TacMed ALS Oxygen Trauma Backpack w/ O2 Bottle & Stocked Kit D

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  • TacMed ALS Oxygen Trauma Backpack w/ O2 Bottle & Stocked Kit D - Comprehensive Product Overview

    Essential for EMS Professionals: TacMed ALS Oxygen Trauma Backpack

    Discover the ultimate solution for emergency medical services with the TacMed ALS Oxygen Trauma Backpack Model MB60. This tactical backpack is engineered to efficiently carry a wide range of medical supplies, catering to the rigorous demands of EMS professionals.

    Design and Functionality:

    • EMS-Specific Model: The MB60 is a tactical backpack meticulously designed for EMS use.
    • Versatile Construction: Capable of carrying a substantial load of medical supplies with a modular design that accommodates both with and without an O2 cylinder setups.
    • Optimized Comfort: Features contoured yoke shoulder straps and an integrated waist belt to evenly distribute weight, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.
    • Exceptional Storage Capabilities: Equipped with 10 zippered compartments, 8 elastic compartments, 6 color-coded removable pouches, and numerous elastic tool loops for organized storage.

    Compartment Configuration:

    • Adaptable Main Compartment: Utilizes a hook and loop system for flexible arrangement of color-coded pouches and the removable cylinder sleeve.
    • Flexible Use: Easily adapts to situations with or without the oxygen cylinder; the sleeve and straps are detachable to create more space.
    • Convenient Side Pockets: Designed to hold two color-coded pouches when using the O2 cylinder.
    • Expanded Bulk Storage: Allows removal of pouches and cylinder sleeve for storing larger items.

    Access and Additional Features:

    • Efficient Top Front Pocket: Grants quick access to the O2 regulator without the need to open the main compartment.
    • Advanced MOLLE Loops: Laser-cut MOLLE loops on the front for easy storage of tools and attachment of additional gear.

    Durability and Reliability:

    • Robust Build Quality: Specifically designed for diverse EMS applications, promising years of reliable and worry-free service.

    Included Medical Supplies:

    1. Essential tools: Tweezers, Hemostats, Shears, Penlight, etc.
    2. Bandaging materials: Band-Aids, various gauze pads, roll gauze.
    3. Bandages: Self-adherent, elastic Ace bandages, ABD pads.
    4. Tapes and wipes: Cloth tapes, iodine, and alcohol wipes.
    5. Ointments and packs: Antibiotic ointment, cold packs, eye pads.
    6. Essential tools: Eye wash, gloves, finger splint, glucose, etc.
    7. Monitoring tools: BP cuff, stethoscope, CPR mask, airway kit.
    8. Emergency dressings: Trauma dressing, tubing, masks, BVM bag.
    9. Specialized gear: Splints, chest seal, C-collar.
    10. Emergency care: Burn spray, first aid spray, emergency blanket.
    11. Advanced supplies: Blood stop spray, tourniquet, burn dressing.
    12. Oxygen equipment: Oxy regulator, empty O2 cylinder.


  • Enhance your EMS readiness with the TacMed ALS Oxygen Trauma Backpack, a comprehensive, reliable, and versatile solution for emergency medical professionals.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 19 × 9.5 in


This kit includes the following supplies:

D-type cylinder (Empty)-to ship full please contact customer service.

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